Why Us?

Why Hire an Educational Consultant?

Our frightening economic climate compounds the stress of having a child with special academic and emotional needs. Many parents—already in the grip of fear and despair—turn to the Internet and social networks in a frantic quest for help. What they find is a plethora of information about hundreds of schools and treatment programs claiming to be "the cure."

Any program can provide you with a glitzy web site, a shiny brochure, and lots of rhetoric. But sadly, not all of these programs—and not all of the people who represent them—are competent or scrupulous. In some cases, the need to fill beds can lead to manipulative and misleading marketing. In some programs, your child might not be safe, or might not receive the help s/he needs.

We help you get it right the first time

When it comes to your child's well-being, you cannot afford to make mistakes! At Creative Educational Options, we are driven only by the needs of our clients. We know which programs are reputable, and which are not. Our fee represents an additional expense for you, and it might be difficult to justify. But it makes no sense, given the significant cost of special schools and treatment programs, to be "penny-wise and pound-foolish" as you look for the best help for your child. In most cases, our fee is less than the cost of one month at a boarding school or treatment facility.

We scrutinize programs with objectivity and expertise

It's foolish to bypass the service of an independent educational consultant, and heed the advice of a marketer paid by a program to reel you in. We do the research and the legwork for you. We are constantly on the road—evaluating schools, programs, and the professionals who run them. We go behind the scenes, ask the hard questions, and find out who delivers the goods they claim to deliver!

We are your advocate & case manager

We know all about the periodic frustration, fear, despair, confusion, sadness and sorrow experienced by every parent of a child with special needs. We know about the anxiety inherent to searching for alternatives to post-secondary school programs. At Creative Educational Options we offer you more than a list of options! We collaborate with you as you make the really tough decisions on behalf of your child. We provide advice, a sympathetic ear, and lots of support--every step of the way.

Once you have chosen a school or treatment program, we stay with you! We serve as a liaison between you and the people working with your child. We speak with teachers, advisers and therapists—the key players in the student's life. If there's a problem, we help you to solve it.

Because of the consistency of communication among all parties invested in your child's care and education, we can help you to plan a smooth and timely transition either to home or to the next appropriate place. Be it a public school, less restrictive private school, college, or an unconventional post-secondary venue, you can count on us for the help and support that you and your child deserve through every step of this challenging process.


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