Who We Are

What is Creative Educational Options?

Creative Educational Options is many things. We are a crisis intervention service for kids on the wrong path.

We offer hope to youngsters who know far too much about academic frustration, social failure, emotional pain, and misguided behaviors.

We’re the service of choice for parents who are losing hope…who see their kids going down the tubes and their dreams for the future evaporating.

We’re the folks who can turn lives around…by matching struggling children, teens and young adults with the best schools and treatment programs available.

Creative Educational Options is your last, best shot at helping your special-needs child.

We accept no fees or commissions from any program to which we make referrals. Our fees are paid solely BY our clients, and our loyalty is solely TO our clients.

Creative Educational Options was founded in 1997 by Nancy Greene, a licensed psychologist, professional writer and independent educational consultant who struggled for years to find options for her own special-needs child. Nancy has worked in the field of mental health care since 1986, providing clinical evaluations, treatment referrals and counseling to clients of all ages with a broad range of concerns and diagnoses. She has traveled extensively, visiting hundreds of schools, colleges and treatment programs both within and outside of the United States. Clients have come to Creative Educational Options, LLC from as far away as Japan and Saudi Arabia.


Mark Greene is Operations Manager of Creative Educational Options. Mark holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Temple University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami. He has had a long career as an administrator in the manufacturing and service industries, and is past president of a charity which provides low-cost summer camping experiences for disadvantaged youngsters. Mark has traveled frequently for Creative Educational Options, evaluating schools and treatment facilities on behalf of our clients with and without special needs.

Christine Kilroy is Office Manager at Creative Educational Options. Christine graduated from St. Joseph's University with a BS degree in marketing. She worked for 15 years in the insurance industry before leaving the workforce to become a stay at home mother to her three children. During this time, Christine was also an active school and community volunteer. She began working at Creative Educational Options in 2014.

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