Client Testimonials

  Nancy Greene is an EXCELLENT educational consultant, and is one of the most respected consultants in the country. She knows programs inside and out. She is on the road or on the phone all of the time, checking things out for her clients. See sees things personally and yet dispassionately. She is unbelievably empathetic and yet very pragmatic. There are lots of others doing this kind of work, but Nancy is undeniably the best!
    –Colleague and Former Client

   You were a godsend to us in the worst crisis of our lives. Your knowledge of options for our troubled son was extensive, and you were as compassionate as you were diligent. Simply put, you saved our lives!

   When we met Nancy, we were at our wits’ end! Like so many others, our son had been severely damaged by the educational system that was supposed to help him. We thought we had nowhere to turn. Within a short time, Nancy helped us to navigate the system, and find the best place for our son to receive appropriate schooling and therapy. Today our son is at grade level, and is developing socially in ways we could not have imagined. We have our son back, and none of this would have been possible without Nancy

   In the summer of 11th grade, my life was spinning out of control. I had nowhere to turn, and I was not open to getting treatment. The thought of being sent away from home was my biggest fear. I met reluctantly with Nancy Greene. When we finished, I knew I needed help and was willing to go. Going away for treatment wasn’t an easy process, but I learned so much! Now I’m an adult, living in my own apartment and pursuing a college degree in psychology. I owe many thanks to Nancy Greene for her support and her encouragement!

   When we began working with you, we were lost and confused about what to do to help our son. He had just turned 12, and we had no idea what our options were, or how we could even consider placing him outside our home. Your confidence and compassion made it possible for us to get the help our son so desperately needed. There have been bumps in the road, but your support, expertise and genuine concern have carried us over them. We look forward to a bright future for our son.

    My daughter was drowning fast in a world of drugs, alcohol, physical abuse and lies. We needed help and hope, and we needed it fast. Nancy Greene had the knowledge, the expertise, and the delicate balance between caring and action that my whole family needed. When you are in crisis, and need to rely on an expert to help you navigate these unfamiliar waters, Nancy Greene is the person to call. She saved my daughter and my family, and got us on the path of hope.

   With every twist and turn, you had my son’s best interests at heart. The wilderness program you recommended was the right one for him. The school that followed was an excellent academic choice. And you were the architect of the whole process. My son may never know or appreciate the care with which you crafted this path for him, but I do. And you have my eternal and heartfelt gratitude.

When Something Has to Change,

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