Beating Addiction

Fighting the Addiction Monster

Addictions of all kinds plague adolescents, adults—even children in grade school. Prescription drugs. Street drugs. Alcohol. Food. Gambling. Sex. Shopping. Social media. Technology. Gaming. The possibilities for over-indulgence are endless.

Tens of thousands of desperate individuals seek addiction treatment each day. And for every one who recognizes loss of control, there are 10 others denying that they have a problem.

Every day, in the United States, families are decimated by the addictions of loved ones. Compulsive use of computers and video games can make it impossible for kids to get to bed at night, and then to get to school in the morning. There is documentation of once-responsible adults who have taken their own lives, because the stranglehold of addictions made it impossible for them to eat, sleep, work, or support their families.

At Creative Educational Options, we can work with you to find a variety of programs and professionals who treat addicts, while also addressing the emotional factors that created their problems.

We recomment treatment programs for the abuse of:

  • Drugs
  • Prescription pills
  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Gambling
  • Video games
  • Internet & social media
  • Sex
  • Shopping

When Something Has to Change,

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