Working With Us

How the Process Works

Following the initial phone or e-mail inquiry, we arrange a two-hour meeting with parents, either in our office or at a mutually-convenient location. During this appointment we obtain a thorough overview of the client from birth until the present time. We ask parents to provide copies we can keep of any psycho-educational, neurological, psychiatric and academic reports from the past three years. We request permission to speak with any professionals currently providing services to the client. These might include psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, tutors and allied therapists.

Although not always prudent or possible, our goal is then to meet with the child or young adult requiring our services. This meeting lasts approximately 45 minutes, and can be conducted either in our offices, in a school or medical setting, or in a restaurant chosen by the client. If we determine, during the initial session with parents, that a meeting with their child would create a safety risk to self or others, this meeting is waived.

Following collection of all available data, we conduct a search for an appropriate school or treatment facility for the client. We speak with admissions directors to determine space availability and goodness-of-fit. We provide parents with an e-mail which describes each recommendation, its location, its cost, and sometimes the specific staff we believe would work well with the client.

Once parents have narrowed the list, we encourage them to speak directly with program staff to gauge their level of comfort with each school or treatment facility.

During the search process, we often:

  • Assist parents in seeking financial support from public school districts, insurance companies, independent schools, and therapeutic programs
  • Make referrals to attorneys specializing in education law
  • Recommend professionals who can transport children and teens to school and treatment facilities

We will travel anyplace within the United States to meet with new clients.

When Something Has to Change,

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