Simplifying the Process

Navigating the College Process

Applying to college is not what it used to be! A generation ago, the average high school senior applied to three colleges, in what was a far simpler and less stressful rite-of-passage than students face today. In the 21st Century, the college application process can be overwhelming and crazy-making!

This year, the typical high school senior will apply to 10 or more colleges. Some schools will accept The Common Application, but others will require their own paperwork, including supplemental applications. Different schools have different application deadlines. There are multiple essays to write, SATs and ACTs to be taken, scores to be reported, teacher recommendations to be solicited--and on and on and on.

We reduce anxiety and increase productivity

For any student engaged in the college application process, it can be frustrating and filled with anxiety. For students with poor focus and concentration, organizational and time management challenges, depression or anxiety—it can feel completely unmanageable. And when parents attempt to help their children apply to college, home can become a battlefield.

No more fighting at home!!!

At Creative Educational Options, we strive to remove the war zone from the home front! We work with students in the Philadelphia area to navigate the college application process from soup to nuts, without involving parents who wish to be relieved of this duty. Our process is personalized and hands-on. We spend as much time with students as is necessary to complete the job successfully and on schedule. We are available to work with students after school, evenings and weekends. We get the job done, we get it done on time, and we get it done well.


Our college services are limited to the Greater Philadelphia Area.

When Something Has to Change,

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